Hello! Welcome to my page. On here, you will find links for all my books, art, and photographs. so take a cruise around the site, sit back, have a sip of whatever poison of choice, and enjoy my pretties!

photo credit : Captured Exposure

Become a monthly patron today! new tier levels have just been added and newly updated for monthly donation/ sponserships.

money from here, goes to help pay for venue table spaces! these have ranged from 25$ upwards t0 100$ for a table spot per day. as an indie author, i do try my best to ensure that i will make back this money, but one can never guarantee profit as venue foot traffic always varies and depends on the venue itself. 

so click on the link below to become one today!  


I just did a thing. but, it will only be available to patrons only! so come join, and be the very first to get a link for a test out of an audio book video done by yours truly! hurry today!

Once you start reading you won't want to put it down! Perfection at its best! A Great Read! -Becky

Sky, thank you so much! this book is definitely hard to put down... didn't want it to end. Beautifully written- kimberly



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